The world broke my heart and acting saved it. Me

Lauren Marissa Smith is an actress, model, and producer born in Rockville Centre Long Island, New York. Lauren always had an interest in creative and artistic endeavors. She modeled and acted as a child before relocating to Washington DC, where she attended Archbishop Carroll High School. Lauren earned her Bachelor’s degree in English at the esteemed HBCU, Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating with Phi Beta Kappa honors.

Lauren studied the Meisner technique at the respected New York based Actors Studio. She continued her acting training for another two years under Julliard-trained actor, Thomas G. Waites, at TGW Studios. Subsequently, Lauren secured tutelage under the famed acting coach Susan Batson, and won roles in the independent films, Broken and Tiger Lily Road.  Her other credits include roles on the Biography channel’s popular  television series, Celebrity Ghost Stories and the award winning comedic short film Charlie and Daniel, as well as parts in several theater productions.

In 2014, Lauren and her business partner Michael Sonnenberg launched their production company CREATE Inc. (Championing Racial Equality in the Arts, Theater, and Education, Inc.), an organization whose mission is to highlight and showcase art by minority artists.

CREATE, Inc. recently ended its off-Broadway run of the two critically acclaimed African-American one-act plays Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone and Late Bus To Mecca, where Lauren also starred as the lead in the latter.



The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. Elbert Hubbard

Lauren Marissa Smith

917-297-0099 SAG,AFTRA-FI Core

5″10′ ,135 lbs. ,Hair: Brown ,Eyes: Brown


LOVE LETTER Genevieve (Lead) Dir: Marishka S. Phillips
LITTLE TRIFLES Meredith (Principal) Dir: Justin Giachetti
TIGER LILY ROAD Anchorwoman (Principal) Dir: Michael Medeiros
CHARLIE AND DANIEL Charlie (Lead) Dir: Tony Clomax
BROKEN Lisa (Lead) Dir: Courtney Wattley
CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES Detra (Principal) Dir: Seth Jarrett
MONUMENTAL MYSTERIES Carol (Principal) Dir: Michael Roberchetti


Rolling Out Magazine Host Think Like a Man 2 ABFF Premiere
Rolling Out Magazine Host HBO Boardwalk Empire’s Backroom


On Striver’s RowTillie Petunia Metropolitan Playhouse
Journey in Light and ShadowSusanna Arrington August Strindberg Rep, Gene Frankel Theater
Os Confederado’sRita Cavalcanti, Milena Wright Shapiro Theater, Columbia University
DAY OF ABSENCEDoll Woman, Operator 1 Negro Ensemble Company, Theater 80
THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GODJanie Mae Crawford Women’s One World Theater
THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD Polly Atlas Performing Arts Center
HOME IS SWEET SORROW Ceola American Theater of Actors
THE KENTUCKY TRAGEDY Ellen Treehouse Theater
140 CHARACTERS Multiple Dixon Place Theater
THE GIRLS OF SUMMER Mattie Actors Temple Theatre
THE LOMBARDI CASE 1975 Trixypop LiveIN Theatre
LATE BUS TO MECCA Ava Studio Theatre at Theater Row
THE SANCTUARY Rita American Theater of Actors
REFLECTIONS Tonya New Wine Box International Theater
STUCK Marissa Shelter Studios
SECRET WEAPON Jeri Shelter Studios
GROWN UP’S PLAYGROUND Improv Performer New York Comedy Club
VILLAGE PLAYBACK THEATRE Improv Performer Village Playback Theatre




BADA in assoc. with YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA Midsummer at Oxford University
SUSAN BATSON STUDIOS Susan Batson Professional Acting Training Program (Two Years)
TGW STUDIOS Tom G. Waites Scene Study (Two Years)
THE ACTING STUDIO Mary Workman Voice & Speech
DONNA DESETA CASTING David Cady Commercial Training
UCB Theatre Petty, Voukydis, Clarke 101, 201, 301, 401


With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it's just not acting. It's lying. Johnny Depp


I’m a writer for myself and others. Jay Z

Morning After The Season
Love and lust are the greatest taunt, you’re what I want
Leaving my heart open is a war in my chest cavity
And after years of fighting, I no longer have possession of the key
A piece of it is spread in every male encounter, owned by those who choose to hold it
I folded my hand a long time ago, now I lay all the cards on the table, every time
I don’t have the strength anymore to protect what’s mine
I just try to soften the blows
That come from loving with no consequence, hence how could you ever tell me no
Because just know if you walk into that door, walk on that floor, stretch out on that bed to soothe the pain only to leave again
Understand, man the hole is bigger than when you first walked in
I know I seem like I don’t need nobody, but believe you me,
I’m not asking you to submit
I need you to sit there, be there, not fear my feelings because the flawed world we live in of rage, suffering, and sin
Leaves my spirit wounded
And your love, friendship, and touch, gave me the dopest feeling of being fed
I know I’m asking for a lot, and it’s hard, but don’t let me starve
Come with Me
Potential and beauty
Picture perfect outside
Tormented inside, because of encountered cruelty
With thoughts of failure and fear
Death seems like relief from the suffocating anxiety I experience here
Smile, white teeth
Wink so he knows if he approaches with the sweetest lines
I’ll lay next to him and pretend for a moment we’re in love, and he’ll act like all his attention is mine
Reliving childhood memories wishing I was my mother
Cuz Daddy would never leave her
Kill any nigga who hovered
Within 2 feet of her sphere
I’m merely jealous
And spent my whole life trying to surpass them
And shot straight to the top, past her and him
And as I stand so high in the clouds above everyone I ever knew
I strangely miss the people I can barely make out, my old clique and crew
Because from up here they are ants from a distant farm
And the road of my past is kicking up dust and I can no longer see them
Mind elevated, alarmed
I’m lonely in a crowded room
Self inflicted separation, created my own metaphysical tomb
What to do with it
The talent, intelligence, and beauty
God given, I can feel my light that He lit
Should I feel guilty for saying that?
For recognizing that?
I got what I know other people value…
I just did what I had to do
But you decided what it was worth, what power all of it holds
I just went for it with ambition and heart, fighting to mold
Myself into what I wanted
But I feel my desires wane as the years go on, they are unfed
And this giant corporation crushed my heart of dreams
And my fragmented self searches for meaning and tries ever so slowly to the sew the seams back together
My whole self is reemerging from the ashes like the second coming, so I can live forever
In every memory
God re gifted me my wings
Thank you, and as I take off in flight
I want to take a few with me
So we will have a picnic on that magic carpet above the sewaged sea
Of unhappiness below us
Trust in me
As I learn to trust myself
D. Rugs
Dope, my dope
Fleeting euphoria
I breathe you in when your arms are around me
Your heart is open
Brief moments of pleasure
That I stretch in my imagination creating a whole life for us
In an alternate universe
Where the enormity of the love you give to the world is only directed to me
But in reality it’s so selfish a request I can’t even bring myself to ask
That the pleasure you emanate only be confined to us
I just let it wash over me like the tide and pray that either it reaches me again
Or that if I must walk further to receive it the water is gentle
It would be a tragedy for us to be whittled down to nothing more than a moment that lived for only a few pages
So for now I will let the seed of admiration grow into a flower of friendship
Boundaries by the wayside
Green smothers the air
Thick, wafting
Oak rises
Meeting of a medium in my eye line
Beauty in simplicity
Talent in belief
Insecurity underneath
Slow breath
Heart sink
How will they ever feel me
Artist weak and meager
Struggling to eat
Need to find the ground
Walking on a journey alone
My mistake to make
My journey to take
Alone, pressure from friendship
Instead of relief
Burdensome instead of appreciation
Nothing in complete joy
Marred by ego
Marred my money
Marred by the past
Tears come
I release
My dark heart finds the sun
But then the beach dries out
And I stand
G Star
Usually I use my words to heal my own heart
But he connected to it, rhyming scheme, my potent art
He felt me first through the hurt
Every tear, cut, and deep breath was understood
By the curly headed boy that some ignorant niggas would consider hood
East African Prince
See the sweetest song came from him
The melody brought a flash of white teeth
The thoughts a cerebral wreath
He was returning the favor with the illest lines, and now what’s on wax will forever be mine
The easiness of us will seemingly cracks the wall around me
And your charm will find a way to sliver through
The pressure of my life is relieved from the warmth of your skin
We may never see eye to eye but we’ll feel heart to heart
Exposed, nothing between us, but teeny sweat beads sliding
Slippery, wet, can you catch me before the weight of the burden I carry pulls me down through the floor you built to save me
A ton of aches and pains that only a light from within can heal
Your beauty is a welcomed distraction that I try not to sabotage with the weed of obsession
Time will bring my thoughts back to us and deliver my love to you in the mist of the the war zone that is everyday life
Forgive me for I am flawed and plagued by my own thoughts
But can we stay on this fantastical journey above the city
Before I’m swallowed by the intensity of the crowded streets
If I can’t float in the sunlight with you I’ll be left in the darkness alone
Fight Night Fall
Its just real
The culmination of what I needed to heel
Too simple, too pure, too beautiful
Sky colored walls
Mocha skin
I let you in
Deep sleep takes me into a lull
We’re somewhere on the beach
Too far to reach
In the clouds
Noise of the rain so loud
Kiss me again and again
Forever and again
As our affection grows
I feel like it will never end


As a director, working with Lauren Marissa Smith is  fascinating. She listens to every word you give her as far as how you want a scene played. You can see in  her face, how she  absorbs every little detail about her character’s background  and emotional makeup. And without warning, she hits you over the head with a wonderfully rich performance. I have watched Lauren play a scene which she chose to  be  funny, sad, sensual and down to earth all at the same time. It’s very hard to play those emotions all together. But she made it work and  it was pure magic. I can’t wait to someday again work with Lauren Smith. Her talent is MAGIC.

Courtney Everette, Director/Producer
Lauren Marissa Smith is an exciting and interesting actress with a charisma and sensuality that comes through in all her work.

Thomas G. Waites, Actor/Acting Coach/Director
Lauren is a huge talent, her commitment to truth with character and story is formidable! Lauren dares to share her heart and give enormous depth to every character she plays.

Fiona Graham, Actress/Acting Coach/Writer
Lauren was a joy to work with. Since she was the writer of the material, I wasn’t sure how she would take my direction, but she was extremely open, fearless and came to set with many options. A true professional,  with a nice combination of girl next door and comedic timing, I expect nothing but good things as her career continues to blossom.

Tony Clomax, Director/Writer/Producer
Lauren Marissa Smith is a natural instinctive actor. She has a wonderful ability to play diverse characters and has a strong sense of truth.

Harry O’Reilly, Actor/Director/Acting Coach
Watching Lauren onstage in Late Bus To Mecca was truly inspirational and made me appreciate her versatility in finding the comedic moments in a dramatic situation.

Layon Gray, Director/Writer
Lauren is a wonderful actor with a deep emotional reservoir and understanding of the human psyche. Sensual, funny, and fierce.

Joe Maruzzo, Actor/Director/Acting Coach
Lauren Marissa Smith is that actor that when she gets it, she really gets it, then she takes it All the Way Out! I love that she gives herself that much permission to have fun and stay responsible to the story.

Marishka S. Phillips, Director/Acting Coach/Casting Director
In Lauren’s recent performance of Late Bus to Mecca, she brought it home and brought down the house with an impeccable run of lines and facial expressions that pressed both my heart and funny bone. She continues to grow and surprise me as an actor. I cannot wait for the next step in her artistic journey.

Ohene Cornelius, Actor/Writer/Musician